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Predicted Social Media Trends for 2014

These days it seems like a new app, online trend or social network is making it’s way into cyberspace every minute. With so many trends to explore and test out, it’s hard to decide which ones you should bother dedicating time to. These different platforms have their similarities and their differences, and some will be better than others. To help you, here are some of the social media trends for 2014 that are predicted to be the most successful:

Google+ Playing Catch-up With Facebook
Facebook is still in the lead when it comes to social network user numbers, but Google+ is getting there. Google+ has improved to be a social network that lends itself as a great SEO and personalized search experience. Businesses are sure to soon see Google+ as a social network that is geared toward all and not just one kind of goal.

Decreased Spam
“Spammy” content has been almost completely eliminated from Google, and the same guidelines are starting to take effect on other big sites such as Facebook. This will encourage businesses to create and promote more valuable content that will keep the attention of readers, further promoting business success.

Social Media Will Become A Necessity
When it comes to integrating social media into content strategies, businesses tend to take their time. As 2014 kicks off, more and more businesses will likely see how much of an beneficial impact a consistent social media presence can make, especially when it comes to advertising, customer loyalty, and improved awareness from current and future consumers.

Visual Content Increase
Visual content marketing is big, and it’s only going to get bigger. With the rapid increase in smart phones and tablets, blocks of text just don’t get the job done anymore. Visual content will increase engagement and SEO opportunities while accelerating social network sharing between customers and brands themselves.

Sharing Is Caring
Sharing content on social networks will become more important than ever in 2014. This is good, but can also be a slight downfall. Sharing means your information and links are getting seen by others, but with so many third, fourth, fifth, etc. parties sharing more and more information, it means that your brand may be harder to find from others. The goal is to directly connect with your customer base and get found from the start when you encourage them to share directly from your specific content stream.

While Facebook and Twitter will likely remain the top dogs of social media, there is still room for the boost of innovation from other networks like Google+, and it will be interesting to see how they shape up in 2014, especially for small businesses. For any business, it’s important to be seen and heard on social networks, and Search Control can help you do just that. Call us today at 800-399-2001 to talk to our team about how to get started.

– By Kelsey Avers


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