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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide organic search engine optimization services and consulting for businesses of all sizes, with a focus on SEO for WordPress websites.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, our team of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) experts has been helping businesses optimize their websites and increase their rankings across the major search engines since 2009. The key to our sustained success has been focusing on improving website health and online presence naturally, as opposed to taking dangerous shortcuts that can get a website penalized by search engines or even banned altogether. We do this by never outsourcing our work and having a tight-knit team made up of true pros in their respective fields including web design, development, and SEM.

Why Choose Us to be Your SEO Partner

  • Safe & Effective, Search Engine Approved Techniques
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Measuring SEO Results

Why You Need SEO for Your Business Website

Partnering with a digital marketing agency that’s well-versed in SEO is a great way to increase your website’s rankings, traffic, sales, and lead generation. Our award-winning digital marketing agency is capable of producing real, tangible results through search engine optimization (SEO), social media services, pay per click (PPC) advertising, and various other channels.

Search Control creates lasting results by implementing quality SEO both on and off your website, generating long term exposure on the first page of results across the major search engines.

Our Process

The SEO industry is one of constant evolution and discovery. Though complex and often time consuming, proper marketing execution that puts strategy to work can be extremely effective. This happens through well thought-out website improvements and content strategies, not short-term tricks and hacks. Our strategy begins with a study of your online presence and getting to know your business. This lets us understand who your target audience is and what your ideal customer looks like. Once we feel we have a good understanding of your situation, we provide you with an in-depth website analysis and strategy customized just for you.

Our Strategy

When it comes to implementing SEO, we listen to what the search engines themselves say, and that is to focus on creating a great user experience, offering better content and providing a more useful website. Google ultimately wants to see that you show the following 3 qualities in your on-site and off-site SEO: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. We work with you to show that you are the best in your field and we make sure every part of your website and web presence is meeting and exceeding Google’s requirements.

Our Team

The expert SEO consultants and implementation team at Search Control are driven by shared values and philosophies and have a passion for helping businesses thrive online. Our highly integrated team structure creates a powerful marketing force to be reckoned with that consistently and efficiently yields great results.

Our Proposal

Search engine optimization is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It requires working together and creating a custom strategy that is tailored to your company’s unique needs. Your business is unique and requires specific execution methods, targeting strategies, and investment levels to maintain a healthy online presence. This requires routine examination of every facet of both you and your top competitors’ digital presences.

With this framework and approach, you will steadily see organic traffic increase and, ideally, experience business growth by reaching your targeted audience, customers, and potential clients.

Complete SEO Reporting with Control Tower™

Control Tower™ Dashboard Screenshots

Our SEO team will provide you with regular reports so you can monitor and check your results of improvement. As previously mentioned, SEO can be complex, so rest assured, our team will guide you and be available to answer your questions so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We are certain that you will be proud of the results in a very short time, as you see your website on the first page consistently.

Our proprietary dashboard, Control Tower, gives you access to everything you need to take view our progress and take control of your web presence from one login. Post, Manage, Schedule all of your blogs, social media and keyword rich content from one place.

Easy access to all of your key reports including: Analytics, Google Ads, social stats, keyword rankings, reviews, keyword mentions, reputation monitoring and conversions all in once place.

Want to learn more?

Let us run a comprehensive analysis of your web presence and show you around the Control Tower™ reporting dashboard at no cost.

How Your Online Presence Affects Your SEO

One of the most important parts of a well-rounded marketing strategy is your online presence, and SEO is a key part of that. This applies to both old and new companies. Most online experiences begin with a search engine; so this means your target audience and potential customers will most likely look for businesses, products, and services with the use of Google or other reputable search engines. Our SEO services focus on developing your online presence as a whole which, in turn, improves your visibility on search engines and connects you with your ideal customers at the time and place they are searching.

As your online presence improves as a result of your increased search engine ranking, you will see many benefits. For instance, search engine optimization can be thought of as a tool for branding and can increase the credibility of your business. If you are first to show up in search engine results, it is instant brand recognition above your competitors. Of course, users will then consider your brand and credibility to be above those of your competitors and trust that your business is one of the best.

What’s Your WebScore™?

Tell us about your business, and we’ll tell you your WebScore™ – a score based on several key factors that determine your overall web presence.

Let Us Help You Dominate With SEO

It’s been said that the only constant in the world of SEO is change. As the web evolves, the landscape of marketing and search engine algorithms is ever changing and we know that being aware of these changes and updates can give you an edge over your competitors. Most changes and updates made by Google and other search engines are with the intent of delivering the best results to users, and to push web designers to provide better websites, experiences, and content. Our SEO professionals are always monitoring and are quick to respond to any changes and updates to ensure you are satisfied with your search engine ranking results.

Our goal is that you have a robust online presence that users trust, and as a result, you experience business growth. With our SEO services, we help place your business website at the top of search results so that customers looking for your product or service can find you when they need you. Our services are both effective and affordable, allowing you to maximize your valuable marketing budget while still reaping consistent results.

SEO is an ongoing process and we view our customers as long-term partners. We deliver measurable results so you see the value we add to your business. We constantly re-evaluate the chosen strategy for your business and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you remain visible in search results. Contact us today so we can provide a free SEO consultation and share with you how our services can improve your efforts and help you reach your goals.

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