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Great content doesn’t just create itself, but with the right team behind your content writing & marketing efforts, it can sure seem like it!
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Copywriting today is a far cry from what it was decades ago, even just a few years ago! Nearly all modern marketing campaigns focus on increasing online traffic through content marketing, whether it be through unique and relevant blog posts, email newsletters, social media content, or your entire website’s on-page content. In many cases, it is a combination.

But the one thing today’s most successful copywriters still have in common with those of the past? They are great storytellers.

This is why we don’t only focus on algorithms and keywords — we also want to tell your story. Regardless of what your specific content needs are, we want audiences to get to know you and how your products fit within their lives. Pair our content creation abilities with our knack for SEO, and your content becomes highly attractive to search engines as well as people.


The quality of online content is more important than ever these days, largely thanks to search engines like Google becoming more and more refined. With so many companies fighting to rank number one in the same services that you offer, creating unique, high-quality, informative, keyword focused content for your website is the best way to combat these competitors. Let Search Control give your website a boost in the search engine rankings with fresh pages of content that answer all the questions of your customers.

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Getting a good search engine ranking depend on a variety of factors that all work together to improve rankings. Your website’s on-page content being a large portion of building better overall rankings. When Google crawls your website, it scans the content on each page of your site, tries to make sense of the content and topic of a specific page, then indexes it & determines its ranking position. This doesn’t just happen once, it continues regularly and the more you work towards improving your content and on-site SEO, the more you can see your ranking position moving up.

Readability also plays a huge role in determining your rankings, which is yet another reason why good writing is so crucial. Your content must connect with search engine algorithms in order to reach customers, and it must be engaging enough to keep customers’ attention. Without copywriting that hits all the marks, you’re losing business.

Content Writing & Marketing Services

From research to writing, to editing and publishing, we offer the full spectrum of content writing services. In order to craft marketing content that is most effective, we first get to know you and what makes your business unique. Then, we get a full picture of the kind of customers you are looking for. We strive to reflect your core values in every piece and help your audience feel welcome while consuming content the way they prefer.

Search Control has a team of resourceful and educated content writers and bloggers who can be the expert voice of your company. Our content writers know that there is a certain method to creating killer content; we have found what speaks to your customers and we create the information that they are looking for.

With a list of clients spanning across a wide variety of industries, we know how to cater to each industry by writing marketing copy using the information and content that sells your products or services.

Your content must connect with search engine algorithms in order to reach customers, and it must be engaging enough to keep customers’ attention.
On-Page Website Content

Your business is about far more than just the content you share. As the heart and soul of your online content, your website pages should be a top priority. Successful websites need quality content to represent their brand or services. For your site to reach its full potential, it must contain search engine optimized, descriptive, original, understandable content.

Our team offers website content writing, from the home page to product descriptions to everything beyond. We can take your website and optimize it for search engines, as well as craft original, compelling copy that will keep the interest of your audience.

on-page website content
Website Blog

Many different kinds of businesses have professional blogs, and for good reason. Consistent, engaging blog posts help establish you as a reliable, trusted resource. SEO-optimized blog posts meanwhile help increase your search engine rankings.

Blog posts are also great opportunities for telling your story. Not only can you promote your products and/or services through your blog, but you can also share how you became an industry expert in the first place and use it to provide helpful tips, answer commonly searched questions, and further educate your visitors. This will in turn help back up your knowledge.

Press Releases

Press releases have long been a tried-and-true way of sharing news about your business though, granted, things are a bit different now than they were in previous decades.

The right press release today is one that not only provides useful information, but grabs attention through its search engine visibility. News outlets can now find press releases online, and a well-written, “optimized” press release can appear high in their search results.

Written as compelling journalism-style stories, our press releases are also designed to show up under the “News Results” tab on search engines. This can also help immediately increase your web traffic.

Email Newsletter Content Marketing
Email Marketing and Newsletters
Email Marketing & Newsletters

Just about everyone checks their email every day. Email marketing is therefore not only highly effective, but it is also an opportunity to take a more direct, personalized approach with your customers.

We focus on crafting attention-grabbing email content that makes people want to go to your website and learn more or purchase a product! Speaking directly to your customer’s interests, each email is designed to make a personal connection.

Great content doesn’t just create itself, but with the right team behind your content efforts it can sure seem like it. Whether you need content for a full-scale marketing campaign, need your website optimized or just need a few blog posts here and there, we are here to deliver the quality content your business deserves. We invite you to tell your story with us.

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