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Integrating Social Media and Customer Service

You talk about everything else on social media, so why not bring customer interaction into it as well? Customers will access your social media platforms regularly to engage with your brand, and will often expect quick response. Here are some tips for integrating customer service into your social media marketing strategies.

Be Personable

Talk like a human. People want quick results, and that’s what social media is supposed to be providing. Customers don’t want to talk to an automated machine or receive impersonal emails. They would rather talk to a person directly connected with your company.

Monitor What Is Being Said

People are talking about you and your brand online, whether through their own individual posts or social media interactions with others. Keep a sharp eye on what is being said about you so you can catch any issues before they get bigger. Further more, if there are positive things being said, keeping an eye out for them will help you respond quickly, thanking the customer for their service and positive feedback.

Do Not Remove Complaints

If there are negative comments or posts on your business’ Facebook page, sweeping the negativity under the rug and hiding it isn’t going to do you any good. Doing so can increase your risk of permanently losing the customer by essentially ignoring their complaints or concerns, and could also lead to more frustration from customers that want to discuss their experiences to their own networks.

Your Team Should Be Onboard

Once you understand how to best communicate with and involve your customers, you need to train your team how to understand the importance of listening to your customers. It takes special skill to properly update social media accounts in a way that will prevent mistakes, which could quickly ruin your company’s reputation. Train your customer service representatives and give them the best tools they need to succeed and help your company grow.

Respond Quickly

Social media is relied upon for the fast and convenient responses that it can offer. A majority of Twitter users expect a response in about 2 ours, and Facebook users usually expect a same-day response. Having a dedicated social media manager for your business can make it possible for you to get out responses 24/7. They should be regularly monitoring your social media networks so they can keep tabs on any issues or conversations coming up, and create a system so they can reply quickly and effectively.

Making customer service a part of your social media strategy can help you solidify a reputation for your business online and develop a strong relationship with your customer base. Having a strategy for your social media networks can make the biggest difference when it comes to how your audience engages with you and your posts. For any business, it’s important to be seen and heard on social networks, and Search Control can help you do just that. Call us today at 480-378-0246 to talk to our team about how to get started.

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