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3 Tips to Get Google to LOVE Your Brand!

It is becoming more and more apparent how important Google ranking is to generating leads and growing a business. With the Internet, customers have been able to educate themselves on brands and find companies that suit their needs with ease. It is no doubt that Google is the top dog in the world of search engines. By understanding Google’s algorithms and the reasons why certain pages get higher ranking is key to being the first company your potential or current customer sees when searching for services in your field. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial step to growing and maintaining your business. Listed below are three steps to help get Google to love your brand.

Set Up, Optimize and Manage your Google My Business listing

Google is at the epicenter of all search engines. While Bing is also a player, Google is still the big boy, so utilizing their local business listing platform is a good way to get higher on the results page. There is sufficient anecdotal and practical evidence to suggest that Google My Business listings that are completely optimized will rank better in Google search. Add to that the fact that this is a huge platform to reach potential customers in your area while gaining new reviews, and you have several very strong reasons to work on establishing a presence here.

Create a Youtube channel and publish at least one video per month

You might have noticed that videos are appearing more often in Google’s search results. This shows that Google considers video to be as important as text-only pages as they have exponentially higher click through rates than test only pages. You can take advantage of this by writing high-quality articles on your site and creating complementary videos and publishing in YouTube. By utilizing YouTube as part of your marketing strategy for your business, you’re also increasing the authority of your website. The more authoritative your website is in Google’s eyes, the higher all your pages will rank in search results.

Create Directories with your business name, phone and address

While many of your potential customers search Google for information on local services, inevitably a large portion of them find their way to a local business directory.  Many of these directories not only have substantial brands/marketing budgets to drive traffic, but they also do well in organic search rankings for important search terms. Perhaps even more important, is that this is another opportunity to link back to your site. It also is another mention of your business (aka “Local Citations”), which can help your site rank well in both national organic searches as well as in the Google Local results.

Search Engine Optimization has become a bit of a buzzword nowadays but it really is a huge part of staying competitive in an increasingly online market place. Although there is a lot more to getting your website to rank better in Google, these are some tips that help to establish you as an authoritative site in the eyes of Google’s algorithms, which makes it so your company is more likely to pop up when your customers searches for services in your industry. Most people fail to realize just how important it is to be present on Google and that’s a mistake a business can’t afford to make.

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