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WordPress Website Design

We take great pride in building creative, functional, clean WordPress websites for both small & medium-sized businesses throughout the Scottsdale, Arizona, area and beyond.
WordPress Web Design

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system designed to provide support for websites. It is one of the most popular options available due to its customization options, allowing for use with websites of all sizes, from a basic blog to large, complex websites for larger businesses. Not only can you easily customize with WordPress, but it is also an affordable option with plenty of functionality and developmental support for future customization.

In order to be successful, you need a website that looks great, builds trust with visitors, engages them and converts them into customers.

Our WordPress services are designed to help you achieve a higher conversion rate, bringing more visitors in who are likely to become your customers. There is a lot of competition on the Internet and most people are aware of this fact. This is why when individuals visit new websites to gather information or find products or services, they want to find what they need quickly and easily. If they don’t, they are more likely to click the back button and select a different website from the list of search results, sending them to your competitors. This won’t be an issue when you work with our WordPress design team. We will help you create a functional, beautiful website that not only gives you the look you want, but also builds trust with potential customers, establishes you as an expert in your field and connects with the needs of your target audience. Your visitors will quickly find what they came for, generating new leads, making more sales, building your customer base and growing your business. You can count on us to provide you with the best WordPress website possible so you can get the results your business deserves.


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No matter how good a website is, if the right people can’t find it, it’s not going to do any good. Unfortunately, many people think a WordPress website is already optimized for search engines from the start. This simply isn’t true. WordPress is naturally SEO friendly and gives you a great starting point, including providing plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. However, if you are serious about getting your business to the top of the search engine rankings and optimizing your website for SEO, we can provide the WordPress SEO services you need. Our team of SEO experts understand the best ways to optimize a website to get the results you’re looking for and ensure you are visible on the main search engines.


Implementing an ecommerce website allows you to easily reach an audience around the world. These individuals are then able to find the products and services you offer and purchase them fast on a secure Internet network they can count on to protect their private financial information. We use WooCommerce as our primary WordPress ecommerce solution, designing and developing a website that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to help you promote and sell your products. These websites are extremely easy to use, mobile friendly, SEO friendly and easy to manage from a feature-rich backend.

WordPress E-Commerce Website Design
WordPress Security


When you use a WordPress website, it requires regular updates to help keep the site stable and secure for your customers. Our team of WordPress development experts monitor your site to make sure your WordPress is updated, as well as implement the best practices to proactively protect your website from known security issues to prevent hacks and spammers from invading your system and your customer base.


Many older websites were created with HTML and are therefore more static in nature. You may not be able to make edits and need to pay someone every time you need to make any small change. You may also want to move beyond having only the most basic features on your site in order to stay competitive, including adding a blog or other interactive forms to your site. This can all be achieved with the implementation of WordPress. We can help you convert your existing HTML site so you can begin taking advantage of all these features and benefits, taking control of your website and reducing the amount of money you have to spend on making any changes that may be required as your business evolves and grows.

Converting an HTML website to WordPress
User frustrated with a slow loading website


Does your website load too slowly because of unnecessary items or bloated coding that slows everything down? When you work with us, we use a combination of caching plugins, advanced image optimization and script compression techniques, more efficient coding and page loading strategies that will speed up the time in which your page loads, improving the overall user experience and increasing your search engine rankings.


Your database will be optimized and customized to best suit your needs. In addition to setting up and optimizing your database, we can also handle the management of the database, as well as creating daily backups.

Backing up a WordPress website before optimizing the database
Wordpress Website Management


Our team of talented professionals offer a website care program to help your team get the priority service and maintenance required to keep your website properly updated on any security issues, as well as enhance its speed and the overall user experience on an ongoing basis. Your website is critical to the success of your business, which is why we take a proactive approach to support it. Talk to our team about the monthly care plans available so you can choose the one best for your needs.

WordPress Web Design Experts You Can Trust

We have been around a while now and have heard all the horror stories related to poor web design and practices, from stories of hackers to working with web developers who didn’t deliver as promised. Don’t become one of them.

It’s best to work with a well-balanced company like us. We are not only knowledgeable about WordPress, but we are also familiar with the intricacies of other areas of digital marketing, SEO and web hosting. Our work has been featured on, and we are proud to be a WordPress Engine Development Partner. We recognize the importance of complementing a beautiful web design with search engine optimization and a conversion-driving strategy that gets results. We can help you get the customized website you need to meet your goals and your needs.

We take great pride in building creative, usable, clean websites for both small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Scottsdale, Arizona, area and beyond. Our website design services are available at a variety of price points designed for every budget. Our goal is to focus on the form and function of a website, not create gizmos and gimmicks to trick the customer. We work closely with each of our customers to help build a website that meets your specific standards and requirements. We will deliver your new site in a timely manner and within your budget. Most projects cost between $1000-4000, depending on the overall size and complexity of your site.

Search Control is dedicated to creating a website that accurately portrays the personality of your company. Because we build your site using WordPress, it will be easy to update and feature a slick content management system that is easy to use. In addition, you can count on a responsive, Google-friendly website that works well on all devices.

In addition to designing your site, we also offer dependable web hosting services for as little as $250 per year. The first year of hosting is free for those who work with us to build their website and will continue to be free as long as you maintain your campaign with us. Many of our clients choose our reliable hosting solutions to ensure a strong online presence. Contact us to learn more about why you should choose us for your web design needs.

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