The Importance of Managing Your WordPress Website

Have you updated your WordPress website lately? If not, you are putting your site at risk for hackers. In fact, 80% of websites that get hacked are not updated on a regular basis. To protect your WordPress website, it just makes sense to update it each and every time you are notified. Updating is fast, […]

Does your website need an SSL certificate?

There’s a good chance you’ve probably seen the words “not secure” pop up on a browser before. And if you’re like many people, you exited immediately or soon thereafter. It doesn’t matter whether or not you really understand what these words mean — just seeing them is enough to make you start doubting the website’s […]

Understand Your Advertising ROI with Lead Tracking Software

Although many brands use cross-channel marketing to increase their chances of engaging with customers across the online world, many do not effectively track which sources generate leads. These businesses might use a variety of strategies because they understand the importance of using different techniques, but they do not have a concrete means of understanding the […]

5 Tips To Increase Sales and Leads in Summer 2019

With tax season behind us, many businesses are now focusing on marketing for the rest of the year. During the spring and summer months, the right marketing techniques will help you to maintain positive traction and build your business, attracting as many new customers as possible. Below are five tips you can use to increase […]

How Much Should Website Design Cost?

Set up your free analysis and discuss our $500 website offer! Call us! (480) 378-0246 We’ve been in the marketing space for over 9 years & one of the most common questions we get is “how much should website design cost?” It’s a difficult question to answer without some details as every business has unique […]

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