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How To Gain More Likes On Facebook

At Search Control, we spend a lot of time helping small businesses run their social media pages to help increase awareness about their products or services. Facebook is a social network that we always create business profiles on for our clients. The impact Facebook has for businesses these days is influential, but using this website is more complex then just creating a page and hoping people find your business. Building a community of people that “like” your page and share your content is key to building a successful following on Facebook. Today we would like to share a few tips on how to turn your businesses Facebook page into a “likeable” online social media place for your target audience and help boost the amount of thumbs-up you receive on your posts.

How To Gain More Likes On Facebook

Leverage Your Friends & Family

When you first launch your business page invite everyone you know to like your page. Friends, family members, business partners, employees and even acquaintances are great people to ask to support your page. With friends and family liking your page, you will gain social media credibility in the early stages of your businesses entry into the online social scene.

Social Plugins

If people do not know your page exists there is no point in having a Facebook page in the first place. Add social plugins to your Facebook page on your businesses website and ask people to like you on Facebook.

Community Interests

Facebook has a great business perk to help you discover what your target audience is interested in on Facebook. This capability is called “Graph Search” and it allows you to search what your audience likes on Facebook. With this helpful information you can start to post relevant content that will help you gain thumbs-up on Facebook and lead to a larger following.

Give Others The Thumbs Up

If you want people to like you, you need to like them. By interacting with other companies, sharing other businesses posts and interacting with your audience they will be more inclined to do the same social media interactions for you.  In real life people are willing to help you when you help them, so actively liking and interacting daily with similar businesses and your followers is a best practice on Facebook success.


We have said this before and we will say it again, content is key to driving people to your online social media outlets. Facebook posts should be entertaining and perk the interest of your followers. If you want a lot of thumbs up action and sharing of your content on Facebook, you need to post engaging quality posts on your Facebook page.  Images, videos and asking friends to share your posts are great ways to engage with your audience and gain a larger following.


Facebook is a great free online social media source to help grow a small business. We at Search Control, hope that these tips will help drive “likes” to your businesses Facebook page. Daily interaction, knowing your target audience and sharing valuable content will help you gain likeability on Facebook. Thumbs up are always good and with these tips you are sure to see many more in the future.






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