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10 Dec: Small Changes To Make A Big Difference On Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to professional growth and business networking, using LinkedIn can be extremely beneficial – as long as it’s done correctly. Here are some steps to take to improve the value of your LinkedIn profile and build connections.

Choose An Appropriate Image
Instead of an avatar of your favorite cartoon character, your LinkedIn profile image should be one that best reflects your personal side. This photo is one of the first things that visitors to your profile see, so you want it to be one that is appropriate for your industry, and is a clear photo that is not grainy or pixilated.

Optimize Your Headline
One of the most searchable aspects of your LinkedIn profile is the headline. You want the headline to be a search-friendly description of what you do on a daily basis versus just a general description of your job. Use keywords that you want to be associated with, which can increase your searchability in LinkedIn and the rest of the World Wide Web.