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StudyRoom Lets College Students Join Online Study Groups, Book Tutors

This is a really great concept utilizing technology to give students a new way to study and get tutored. What makes StudyRoom different from other e-learning platforms designed for the classroom is that it’s 100% student-led. As you may expect, not all professors are thrilled about StudyRoom, which also allows students to access the resources students from previous semesters have shared on the platform. The founder of StudyRoom doesn’t get hung up on the idea that the potential for cheating in should be a big concern. “Homework is just way for students to practice,” he says, arguing that professors shouldn’t put a big emphasis on homework as a way to assess a student’s grasp of a subject anyway. And the real goal for the service is to allow students to learn from each other. Take a look at this great article from TechCrunch and see what you think!