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The Search Control App of the Week Goes to: Helpouts by Google

The new Android App, Google Helpouts lets people like you find answers to the questions that the search engine alone can’t answer – but a real person can. Do you need some fashion advice? Spanish tutoring? How about some tips for novice photography? Google Helpouts allows you to book an appointment with experts in many different fields through live video chat via your mobile device. This is one of the fastest ways of getting in touch with the people that you need.

Helpouts is a HUGE move for Google by adding a human element to their search engine and social network, Google+.

This app can even be helpful for business owners to help teach others more about their products and services. If someone is willing to purchase your product, you can give them the option of watching an informational video on Helpouts to give them the tools to get the most out of the product they just purchased.