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Over the years the Search Control Team has created and managed countless Facebook advertising accounts for our clients with amazing results. We handle everything from setting up the account and designing the ad to choosing the targeting of the ad and managing the reports of the ad during its lifetime.

Reach all of the right people!

“Facebook Ads have the potential to transform your business’s social reach without hurting your budget.”

More than 2.3 billion users are on Facebook and 1.56 billion visiting daily to connect with what matters to them. When you run a Facebook Ad, you get the option to choose your specific audience that will see it by setting the location, age, interests and more. Choosing the type of people you want your ads to deliver to makes your ads more relevant to the people who will be seeing them and brings you real results.

From a Facebook Ad, potential customers can get directions to your store, view your videos, add an item to a shopping cart, download your app, visit your website, like your Facebook page, and more!

Types of Facebook Ads:

“Whatever your campaign’s objective is, there’s a type of ad for it!”

There are a many different types of Facebook Ads that can be run depending on the marketing objective for your campaign. They are broken down into 3 categories, with different typed of ads possibilities within each. The types of ads are:

  • Awareness: Increase people’s awareness of your brand or business

    • Boost your posts
    • Promote your page
    • Reach people near your business
  • Consideration: Find potential customers for your business

    • Send people to your website
    • Get installs of your app
    • Raise attendance at your event
    • Get video views
    • Collect leads for your business
  • Conversion: Drive conversions or sales for your business

    • Increase conversions on your website
    • Increase engagement in your app
    • Get people to claim your offer

Choosing your target audience and ad spend:

Target Audience:

One of the most crucial steps in setting up your Facebook Ad for success is customizing your target audience. You can target ads based on location, age, gender, language, interests, and behavior. Additionally you can choose to reach people who already know of your business, or even remove those people from your target audience so you can reach new people.


Once you have finished choosing you target audience, you will now choose how much you want to spend on your ad. You want to be sure you have an ad spend that will be efficient and effective. The “ad budget” you set is the maximum amount you want to spend on the ad. This budget can be broken up in two different ways. You can choose a daily budget, which will spend the amount you choose every day. You can also choose a lifetime budget, which spends the amount of your choice over the entire lifetime of the ad.

Choosing how you want your ad to look:

Creating the actual ad is the fun part of Facebook advertising. You will be choosing your ad image, headline, body text and where the ad will be placed. Although this is the “fun” part, it can also be tricky due to limitations with the amount text you can have, the precise image sizing for the ad to display nicely and also the amount of text on the ad image can affect it being approved. For example, the headline text of the ad can only be 25 characters. This means you need to keep the headline short yet interesting enough to make people want to click on it. In addition to the headline, there is also text that will accompany the post. This text body can only be 90 characters long, so this needs to effectively and concisely portray what the content is about. A good way to think about this is similar to creating a really good Tweet! Another thing you need to keep in mind is that Facebook tends to disapprove ads where the image has 20% or more of text in the picture, so save your text for the ad copy and not the image.

Lastly, you need to choose the placement of the ad. You can choose whether you want it to display on people’s desktop news feed, mobile news fed, right column or the audience network. Recently you can also choose to push your ad to Instagram as well. The best part about choosing the ad placement….you can choose to send it to all of the places above instead of just picking one!

The final step is to click the “Place your order” button! You will generally get a response within 15 minutes whether your ad has been approved or is it has been disapproved, they will tell you why so you can fix the issue.

Facebook Ad Reporting:

Once the ad is created, it is important to report on the success of your Facebook ads. You do this through the Ads Manager section of Facebook.  There is a lot of great information in this area to be tracking while you ad is running. You will see stats on items such as clicks, reach, impressions, engagements, likes and more. This section is key to knowing how your ads are performing and knowing what you may need to change in the future to have the next ad perform even better.

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