Richard Franks PC Google AdWords Case Study – November, 9th 2016

Colorado Business Attorney Boosts New Case Inquiries and Revenue with Strategic Google AdWords Campaign


-Drive Traffic to the website

-Increase conversions

-Generate phone calls to schedule in-person consultations


Richard Franks has specialized skills in business law, construction law, environmental law, contract administration and contract drafting. Mr. Franks is a seasoned litigator, with deep and varied business experience, from the perspectives of both an attorney and as a business manager.

Mr. Franks has been in business for over 30 years and thrived for many years off Yellow Pages, print ads and word of mouth/referrals. In recent years, he had challenges generating new cases as competition grew, traditional advertising became less effective and the overall marketing climate changed.

Like many small businesses, Richard Franks was hesitant to pour money into marketing as it was crucial for leads to be coming in if money was being spent.  We were able to provide Mr. Franks with real time tracking and reporting and the ability to increase, decrease or pause his campaign instantly based on results.


Enhanced Campaigns are designed for a multi-screen world, where people switch seamlessly between desktops and mobile devices, as well as uber-busy advertisers, who can now manage bids across devices from a single, scalable campaign. By setting multiple bid adjustments to target what’s most important to your business, AdWords automatically determines the best ad to appear. This helps you reach your most valuable customers and connect with them anytime, anywhere and from any device. In addition, Enhanced Campaigns simplify mobile conversion tracking, so advertisers can allocate their budgets to the channels that deliver the best leads.


Richard had only received approximately 10 leads through his website from January 1st 2016 until August 2016.  Once he engaged with Search Control, our team expeditiously dove into competitor research, industry and consumer trends and we able to implement an effective Google AdWords campaign focused on his target geography and most profitable keywords.

As a sole practitioner, Mr. Franks had limited budget to allocate to his Google AdWords campaign.  Search Control worked within his budget guidelines and implemented a campaign that immediately got new case inquiries coming in the door.  From August 15th to November 8th, the Google AdWords campaign generated 39 inbound inquiries for approximately $1100.  This breaks down to about $27 per inbound lead, which is AMAZING Cost Per Conversion for just about any business.

If you want to know more about managing Adwords Advertising for Attorneys, please read our Marketing Tips for Attorneys blog.  If you don’t presently have a local listing on Google maps, Social Media Profiles, Email Marketing or other online services please read our blog Online Basics for Law Firms.

To request a PPC Quote for your own Attorney Adwords account, call Steve Difabio at 480-626-1919.  Ask him about our PPC Performance Guarantee for Attorneys.

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