Hastings & Hastings PC Google AdWords Case Study – November, 9th 2016

Phoenix, AZ Personal Injury Law Firm Decreases Ad Spend by over $15k Per Month and Increases Efficiency of Google AdWords Campaign


-Decrease Monthly Spend from $25,000 to under $10,000

-Dramatically increase Brand Awareness and overall Brand Exposure

-Generate phone calls to schedule In-Person Consultations


The firm is very aggressive in Television and Print Advertising but had seen gradual declines in the effectiveness of the platforms over that last 10 years. Also, these mediums were very difficult to track the effectiveness of the campaigns. Search Control was able to create a transparent and effective strategy that adequately tracked performance down to the Cost Per Acquisition.


Enhanced Campaigns are designed for a multi-screen world, where people switch seamlessly between desktops and mobile devices. By setting multiple bid adjustments to target what’s most important to your business we can implements strategies and make sure the best ads appear. This helps us reach your most valuable customers and connect with them anytime, anywhere and from any device. In addition, Enhanced Campaigns simplify mobile conversion tracking, so advertisers can allocate their budgets to the channels that deliver the best leads.


Hastings and Hastings received over 200 inbound inquiries from their AdWords campaigns which resulted in a revenue spike 5x what was spent.


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