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Why a Quality Website is Vital for Small Businesses

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a multi-generation small business, it is critical to invest in a high-quality website. Below we have laid out some excellent reasons, investing in a high-quality website is so vital for the growth and success of your small business.

A business’ website is often the customers first impression

In today’s digital world, your small business website must leave a lasting first impression. The website is often the first engagement a customer will have with your business. A high-quality website will give the customer confidence about your business, and they will be much more likely to reach out and engage with you for your service or product.

High-quality websites allow you to become an authority in your industry

A high-quality website will enable you to provide professional and educational content to your customers and potential customers. A good website will include influential blogs and articles that contain essential information your customers are looking for before making a decision. Customers will learn to turn to your site to answer their questions allowing you to become an authority within your industry.

Increased advertising for your brand

Once you have a high-quality website set up, you will be able to include it on all your marketing materials such as business cards and direct mailings. Through your marketing, you will drive increased traffic to your website.

Easy to keep up to date

When a business invests in a high-quality website, one of the benefits is that the site will be easy to update. It is critical to make sure the information on your website is accurate and current. Outdated information on a website is a poor reflection on your company. Investing in a high-quality website will allow you to stay up to date with ease.

Engage with mobile users

When customers go to your website, there is an excellent chance they are doing so from a mobile device such as their phone or tablet. Customers must be able to interact with your site from a mobile device easily, not being able to do so could very well result in a loss of customers. Any high-quality website should be built to be mobile-friendly. Also, websites that have an excellent mobile user experience are ranked higher in searches by Google.

Attract top talent to your business

Just as customers will judge your business by the quality of your website, so will potential employees. A good website will have an impressive career section. Not only should the website include information about job openings, but it should also layout the company culture, important benefits and explain in detail the hiring process. A professional website will help your business attract top talent.

Instant communication

So many consumers out there are used to obtaining answers to their questions with a click of a button. A well-designed website will include a customer instant messaging function. A chat function will allow customers to obtain answers to their questions in real-time. Of course, a website will also have phone and email support options.

Increased Productivity

A website designed to provide extensive information to your customer base about your product or services will help increase your productivity. If employees have to spend hours online answering questions about your company, it takes away from the staff working on tasks that lead to growth. A good website will answer the majority of your clients’ questions without them having to contact an employee.

Expand your market

A website allows you to break down geographical boundaries. A good website will enable you to reach and sell products to customers all around the world. A good website will have international ordering and shipping capabilities built-in.

Review the numbers

If you build a website but cannot review any data on who your company is reaching through the website, then you are missing out on growth opportunities. A good website will have an analytics program built-in so you can review the demographics and other data about site visitors. This information will allow your company to adjust accordingly and expand your market.

Links to social media

As most small businesses know, a social media presence is critical to help market the company brand. A good website will offer customers multiple points of contact to engage with your business’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Speed of website

A high-quality website will allow customers to navigate to the various pages of your site quickly. If a customer has to wait more than 2 seconds for a page to load, they will most likely move on to a competitors’ website.

Effectively display your products

A high-quality website will allow you to showcase your product online effectively. High-resolution pictures and videos of your product will enable customers to view your product virtually and increase the likelihood that they will move forward with a purchase.


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