Twitter has become a massive online institution on which people and businesses share rapid information throughout the entire day! If you’re not sending out Tweets, whether for yourself or your business, you’re missing out on the social network craze! Twitter offers an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with simply 280 characters!

our-team-imgTwitter is only effective if you have the Twitter Followers to support your campaign. Luckily, Search Control knows how to gain attraction to your site, and increase your followers. By using our internal network of social media maniacs, and partnered resources, Search Control can take your Twitter page to new heights, by attracting relevant followers who will be interested in what you have to say.

Once you’ve managed to garner a large following of fellow Twitter members, you’ve got to remain engaging, and capture the attention of your followers. Search Control has bloggers on hand, who search daily for relevant content for all of our clients – and spread it throughout the net for them. We find the most relevant articles for your industry, and help relay that information through your Tweets. Imagine your Twitter profile becoming the resource hub for your specific industry, where followers re-Tweet your content to their own personal network, creating a domino effect!

Search Control’s content and social media managers also know what to post, so that your Twitter page isn’t just about you. We know when to include the community, and when to reference articles, promotions, blogs, etc. Take the guess work out of what your posting, and allow us to control your Tweets and followers – making sure you get every advantage Twitter has to offer!

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