Facebook boasts more than 2.3 billion users, with over 950 million hours spent on Facebook every day! Search Control feels strongly that any solid Go Social campaign starts with a strong presence within Facebook, as this social networking site is vital for two-way communication with customers.

our-team-imgThe only effective way to utilize Facebook, is to build up your friends and followers within your area or industry. This ensures that your message is being received encourages customer interaction. With Search Control’s Go Social package, we can help you increase your friends and followers, by actively seeking out relevant groups and pages, and participating in weekly discussions. We will continuously update your followers of news in your industry, personal career, or your business to keep your Facebook profile relevant. Once engaged in several conversations on your behalf, the friend requests begin to pour in!

At Search Control, we use our extended internal network of bloggers and partners to help gain followers and friends to your newly optimized Facebook Page or Group. Let us handle all of the invites, suggestions, and acceptances – in order to keep your Facebook relevant to the demographic you are most interested in!

Not only do we have a great extended network, we also build discussions on your Facebook Page or Group by posting relevant, interesting commentary that’ll be sure to engage your customers. We’ll track down relevant articles specific to your business and industry, and show the world how involved you are in what’s current. We can encourage other Facebook users to visit your websites by distributing links to your personal blogs, company home page, and other websites to increase traffic. Show your friends and followers what you do best by creating photo albums of your service at its best. Furthermore, we’ll gladly help relay any promotions, or direct messages you want to supply to your customers.

Whether you want to promote your professional, personal Facebook profile to increase your network, or you want to spread your company’s promotional material through an optimized Fan Page, Search Control can help you manage your goals and produce the results you need.

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