If you don’t already know, OfferUp is a mobile-based platform for buying and selling used items. Many of the Search Control staff love using OfferUp to get great deals on used goods, from golf equipment to even event tickets. There are endless amounts of good finds on OfferUp, however with that comes many questionable and downright strange items that people try to sell. I have been gathering some of these items lately to share in the hilarity and awkwardness of getting lost in the OfferUp rabbit hole…Enjoy!

Are you running a puppy-mill? We have just the item you need!

For the person who can’t find a grocery store…we got yah covered

Do you pee the bed? Why buy a product that nobody else has peed on before, when you could buy this!

When you find that one item you didn’t know you needed in your life!…for only 50 cents!

I’ll give you money for moneyIsn’t that what a bank is for…..Nahhh, buy my money instead!

The perfect gift for a child! Definitely NOT possessed teddy bear! My loss is your gain!

Turns out my spell called for 2 bear jaw bones… so I’m getting rid of these for cheap!

Exorcise those demons causing your back-pain!

….I‘m honestly at a loss of words for this one…pretty sure that’s a cup of poison…

Check back next week for another episode of, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN OFFERUP!