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Search Control has a dedicated team of web designers, web developers and programmers who are capable of conquering almost any project. From elaborate ecommerce websites to content rich blog platforms, our team has handled it all.

We have a very exploratory management approach for each project, ensuring that we truly understand the ‘big picture’ while also addressing all of the details prior to kicking off. Our team understands that every project is different and takes pride in the process of creating a unique and functional end product. So many companies simply want to get the project in the door and figure out the details as the project progresses. With over a decade of hands-on experience, we have learned that this strategy tends to lead to major launch delays, unnecessary costs, and sometimes…death (of the project of course). We like to spend the time upfront with the client to thoroughly discuss and review the project so that both sides are on the same page. This allows us to create what we call a ‘Working Scope’ which is a detailed breakdown of the work that will be completed including website’s features and functionality, hour breakdowns and completion timelines.

While we like to plan ahead as much as possible, we also understand that sometimes projects change or new ideas are born during the development process. Search Control is flexible and capable of shifting focus if needed, that’s why we refer to our statement of work as a ‘Working Scope’, we need be prepared for the unknown. In the event that we need to modify the ‘Working Scope’, we will define the new work required and breakdown the time/cost that will be associated with the changes. As we approach the launch of any project, Search Control likes to work with our client to make sure they are ready to market their sites and hit the ground running. This is where the ball leaves the hands of our wonderful web designers and developers and goes to our team of Search Engine Optimizers, Social Media Managers and Content Writers and Bloggers.

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