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There is one rule that successful businesses, products, brands, and public figures follow in today’s internet landscape: content is king. In order to have a successful online presence your website must look great, entice prospective customers, and engage them with meaningful content. However, having a perfectly designed website will accomplish nothing if no one sees it – This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use a strict and ever-changing set of criteria to determine if a website is good enough to be shown in the top search results. Search Control’s search engine optimizers stay current on the most effective strategies to improve website rankings while avoiding strategies that may cause Google to penalize, manual action or even completely de-index your website.

After signing up with Search Control, we will take a comprehensive look at your website and enact the most successful SEO strategies to improve your search results. First, we will take a look at the content on your website, the content that potential customers will see. We tweak this content to make sure it follows the stringent guidelines set forth by Google that determines a high quality site (one worthy of high rankings). Second, we will take a look at the technical back-end of your website, the part that only search engines read, and use the proper techniques to tell search engines exactly what information your website is providing.

When you start your campaign with Search Control we will work with you to determine the best keywords and search phrases to pursue in order to get the most relevant search results. Keywords are the key to any successful SEO effort. Additionally, we will use our expertise to research new keywords you may not have been aware of that will drive further traffic to your website.

Not all search engine optimization is done on your website. Another important factor that improves rankings are links on the web pointing back to your website. Our SEO experts work with the social media and content writing team to build links to your site through social media outlets, review sites, business directories, and blogs. On-site and off-site SEO efforts are a powerful combination that proves to search engines that your website is a legitimate, quality site filled with relevant information. Once search engines have this large amount of easy to find information (thanks to SEO!) your site will see a drastic improvement in search results.

Search Control focuses on organic search results for our clients. Rather than paying for search results that are often ignored because they are advertisements, we create top results that rank well because of their continued authority and relevance to your industry.

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