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When someone searches for your name or brand online, your reputation is only as strong as the most critical review, unappealing website, or incorrect business listing. Every page online associated with your business affects your overall reputation.

In the current social culture that exists online, having a positive reputation is key for any successful business. Potential customers seek out review sites, informational listings, and friend’s recommendations before deciding on a product or service to use. If they find something they don’t like, they will immediately move on. Simply put: a strong reputation online means a higher chance of attracting new customers.

People love reviewing companies, products, and people in order to help others steer towards, or steer clear of, something they feel passionate about. Unfortunately, human nature has shown us that people are more likely to passionately respond and leave reviews after a negative experience rather than a positive one. This is where Search Control’s reputation defenders can help. We provide reputation management and reputation protection to anyone, from individuals to companies and brands. We monitor all the information about you and optimize it to create an accurate overall positive awareness of your brand online.

Search Control’s team is intimately familiar with the most popular online review sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. We understand the powerful impact that these review sites have over businesses, especially local businesses. Positive reviews will not only make your business look better to potential customers, but having a positively reviewed business can even improve your search engine result page rankings! Working in conjunction with our social media experts, our reputation defenders will gain additional traction online by utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs, press releases, industry specific review sites, and website interaction to gather additional positive reviews to highlight your business for the world to see.

The first part of reputation protection is reputation management. By carefully monitoring your presence online we can find and address negative reviews about you or your business. Any business, no matter how perfect will occasionally receive a bad review. When these inevitable low-quality bad reviews surface we bury them under an onslaught of positive reviews, press campaigns, direct feedback with the reviewer, customer testimonials, and social media exposure to let the true positive nature of your business shine through the unfounded negativity.

Let Search Control help you shine a positive light on your business with our tried-and-true reputation defender techniques. Call us now for a free quote or request a free proposal online.

You’ve worked hard to become successful; don’t let a few bad apples tarnish your online reputation.

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