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mobile-and-app-developersBeing on top of the times in online marketing today means being mobile. When your customers need to find you fast, they are most likely going to be on-the-go. Whether you own a restaurant or a law firm, you can bet that your customers are going to need to have access to your information while they are away from their computer.

Mobile websites are designed for smart phone users, and as smart phones are becoming the standard way of accessing the internet, having a mobile website increases your ability to target this growing market. Growth studies show that 50% of internet users will primarily access the web from a mobile device by 2015. The need to have a mobile website is becoming increasingly important as consumers aren’t likely to engage with a website that doesn’t fit correctly on their screen, doesn’t have an easy to click phone number or any of the other features included with a correctly made mobile site.

Like the technology enthusiasts that we are, Search Control team members are glued to our phones checking out the latest apps and mobile technology. Our team has mastered the mobile marketplace as both developers and consumers. We make sure to ‘keep our fingers on the pulse’ of growing mobile and application marketplace. This active engagement gives us a competitive edge when developing mobile sites or applications for our client. We are able to provide first hand insight into usability and user interface, ultimately making the end product the best it can be.

Our app developers understand the ins and outs of development under both the Android and iOS platforms. We have experience developing all ranges of mobile applications from simple apps that provide basic info all the way to large applications with extensive features and functionality. The application marketplace is continuously changing and keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and software updates is our prerogative. There are a lot of questionable companies offering to make apps quickly, in as little as one night. At Search Control, we’ll promise you as close to lighting fast speed as possible to produce a top-of-the-line mobile application. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will take pride in the product that we develop for you!

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