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our-team-imgWhile Search Control has national and international clients, the bulk of our customers run small businesses that are focused on getting in front of local customers. Having a strong local web presence is one of the best ways to show your potential customers that you are the best, and we understand that. Our team of local contributors is focused on finding, creating and publishing content that is not only industry relevant, but that also appeals to the likes of your geo-specific customers.

There are so many unique ways to grow your business by utilizing the publications, networks and associations in your own backyard. By interacting, engaging and distributing content within these local channels, Search Control is able to help grow your local presence and image while getting you exposure to potential customers. Having a strong local presence not only helps to get you more exposure, it also shows the major search engines that you are an active and involved member of your local community and industry; this leads to better search results.

Google, Yahoo and Bing strive to provide their customers with the most accurate and relevant results and having a strong local presence is one of THE BEST ways to let these search engines know that YOU should be on the top of the list. Our Local team works directly with our clients to help garner positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google My Business and many other local focused review sites. Local consumers rely heavily on reviews when making decisions on where to eat, what car dealership/dentist/lawyer/CPA to go to and EVERYTHING in between.

By showing your potential customer that you have serviced your marketplace and that people ‘Like’ you, they will be much more inclined to do business with you. Social Media is one of the best outlets that Search Control uses in order to communicate and contribute in your local market, and our clients see great results. By using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and LinkedIn, we are able to interact directly and personally with individuals or organizations that can help your business grow!

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