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food-and-fun-imgWe’re a social company in every sense of the word. From social media to social outings, we know that it’s important to get out of the office as a team and really have fun together. In the past our team has been known to have heated bowling and crouquet matches on late Friday afternoons, but we also like to go out and hit the town together.

After a long day of optimizing, creating web content, and blogging, there’s no better way for our Search Control tech team to relax than heading over to one of our favorite local breweries for a burger and a beer. Because we work hard, we’re allowed to play hard too, right? We keep our company morale sky-high by being active participants in local events. Whether we are sampling wine at the Tempe Art Festival, attending a local metal concert, checking out new restaurants, or spending a Sunday afternoon out on the lake, our team gets ample time for teambuilding.

There’s no better way for us to understand your business’s market than by going out in the world and being amongst the people who are buying YOUR product. When the opportunity arises, we prefer to use the services of our clients, whether you’re a plumber, garage door repairman, or an attorney, having one of our team members get first-hand experience with your product is the best way to sell it for you. If you own a local coffee house or a restaurant, with us as your online public relations agents, our taste buds can translate your great tasting food and drinks to Google.

With the internet today taking over the power of traditional word-of-mouth marketing, people don’t have to call their friends to get advice on where to eat or drink. People can consult Google and find millions of user reviews of local establishments. The trick for you, as a restaurant owner, is to plant tons of seeds of information for these local people to find. Meaning, make sure your business is being talked about online and that there are several listings for your business online. The Search Control team of wine connoisseurs and food enthusiasts can transform the taste, aroma, and flavors of your foods in to copy that Google understands, making your online reputation just as great as your reputation with your local customers.

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