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The Search Control App of the Week: Bitstrips. Go Cartoon Yourself!

The iPhone and Android app, Bitstrips, is giving Facebookers a new way to interact with friends and post unique status updates using the cartoon versions of themselves and others. This app isn’t a game or type of competition at all, just a way to share some laughs and tell a story to your Facebook friends.

Imagine scrolling through your Newsfeed to find that one of your friends has created a cartoon version of YOU inside a comic that you relate to. That would get your attention. Not only are these comics just for fun, but you can also create greeting cards for specific occasions.

Over 2013, pictures dominated Facebook Newsfeeds around the world and this is evident by comparison to the past where most people were more likely to just write a status update and post it sans picture. Bitstrips combines your status update along with an engaging picture, revolutionizing the Facebook status update entirely (at least for now).

While Bitstrips approaches the peak of its popularity, some debate on the “coolness” of these comics that are taking over their Facebook Newsfeeds. But, hey, you always have the option of hiding certain people from your Newsfeed if you don’t like their Bitstrips, right?

As most apps of this type, Bitstrips is mostly popular in the teenage and young adult crowds. But you can bet that soon everyone will have added at least one Bitstrip to their Facebook timeline.

– Alex Boutté