The Sampair Group is a leading family law and divorce law firm located throughout the Phoenix metro area. While initially wanted to focus on Peoria, AZ, we’ve helped them establish their brand across the valley in new areas such as Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale.

After redesigning the website on a relatively new domain, we were able to get them to page 1 rankings in both organic listings and in organic maps for a majority of their targeted long tail phrases. Through heavy content writing, distributed as blogs, articles, and press releases, we’ve been able to push their brand online quite well.

In addition to the organic content marketing strategy, we also manage their Google Adwords campaign, which helps them target more generic keywords that would otherwise take months/years to target for organically. The combination of top level keywords in Adwords and long tail phrases in organic search has helped The Sampair Group reach many across the valley.

The Sampair Group’s social media campaign utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Google +, but relies heavily on the client provided content on YouTube and Avvo. With the informational videos provided by the firm as well as the attorney’s dedication to answering individual questions on Avvo, we have been able to leverage this expert information into increased social media engagement.