The Maids of Phoenix came to Search Control looking for assistance in helping their franchise stand out with regards to the other Phoenix house cleaning franchises. While all franchises have their own areas of service, we still wanted to ensure that when you Google’d maid services, their web domains would appear.

We also manage the social media profiles for The Maids in Phoenix (and their St. Louis franchise) including their Facebook, Twitter and Google + profiles. With these social networks we can run promotions and specials as well as interact with real individuals in the Phoenix and St. Louis area who may be in need of The Maids’ services. As well as direct interaction, we work directly with the client to create new house cleaning content and share any interesting existing DIY cleaning articles. By sharing this information, we help our client to become a reliable expert in the field. Those who are looking  to prepare their homes for parties or holidays can rely on the information from The Maids, or even call and utilize their services.