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Improve Your Social Media Strategy for 2014

New year, new beginnings! With the start of 2014 comes the opportunity to freshen up your social media strategy. Here are some ways that you can flourish your social media and overall online presence.

  • Engage More With Your Audience
    Social media is all about engaging with others. This year, work hard on engaging more and starting conversations with your audience instead of just posting one-sided content that doesn’t provide an invite for interaction. Part of this requires posting content that is useful for your audience – something they want and need to hear about.
  • Content Is Key
    Going off of the previous advice, posting relevant content is something that can make a tremendous difference in your social media impact. Instead of just including a link in your post, include some of the information from the content as a sort of “teaser” to the link, which could result in more interaction.
  • Social Media Buttons
    Always include visual links (buttons) to your social media pages. Include these on your website, blog, and email address as well. You are sure to see results.
  • Always Include A Photo
    Every one of your social media sites should include a photo. This is a crucial part to include on these sites, and not having one may show that you are either too lazy to add one, or you don’t know enough about the sites to know how to. Including a photo on your profiles make them come to life and help your followers put a face to the name.
  • Get On Board With Visuals
    Videos, photos and infographics are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to how people are sharing things online. Using more visual content to relay information can increase your hits and encourage more feedback from your readers.
  • Look to Search Control!
    Search Control can help you optimize your online presence, whether it is for your individual self or a business. Call us today at 800-399-2001 to talk to our team about how to get started.- By Kelsey Avers

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