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Does My Business Need a Mobile Website?

The answer is, absolutely.

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If your website looks more like the example on the left, your users are struggling to find the information they want and need.

Here is an example if a website that is NOT mobile friendly:



Here is an example of a website that IS mobile friendly:

Does your website pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test?

If you are not sure whether your site is Mobile Friendly, you can check here using Google’s very own Free Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool:

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The mobile world has arrived.

It has been marked by the fact that there are now more Americans using mobile devices than desktops.

Plus, the majority of consumers research products and services on their mobile devices before making a purchase, whether that purchase is ultimately in-store or online.

A “mobile friendly” website is now seen as a must-have.

Mobile-readiness is a part of responsive design and it has several possibilities. To be ready for mobile, you can have a mobile version of a website, an app, or both.

Responsive design is a set of best practices to ensure that your website shows up quickly and attractively no matter what browser or device is being used (mobile or otherwise).

How does this affect my business?

In a world where mobile devices are taking over (or have taken over) many aspects of day-to-day life, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets as their main access point for the Web, and that means sites that are not optimized for them have a problem.

If your site is a disorganized mess when someone tries to pull it up on their phone, chances are you are going to lose a potential customer pretty quickly.

Luckily, there a few basic tips that you can follow to make sure that your site is ready for users on any device or platform.

If you are web savvy, you can implement these rules on your own site, and if not, schedule a time to discuss how Search Control can help you hit your goals.

So what’s wrong with a traditional website?

A traditional website designed for a desktop computer will just shrink down in size to fit a mobile screen.

This means your menu, text and important messages and links become miniaturized.

This makes it very hard for a user to find and view the information that they need.

All your full-sized website content crammed into a small space can be overwhelming and off-putting; frustration may drive a potential customer away and may affect their view of your organization.

“A recent study showed that 61% of users when dissatisfied with a company’s mobile site are unlikely to return, with 41% going directly to a competitor’s site.”

With the US fast becoming a mobile-obsessed nation, is this a statistic that can afford to be ignored?

If you’re finding yourself shaking your head ‘no’, the next question you will probably be asking is…

How does mobile-friendliness affect my SEO?

Google ranks mobile websites slightly differently, in the sense that Google does give more ranking priority to websites that it considers as mobile friendly. Though that does not imply that it gives equal priority to all websites, it does provide higher rankings to those websites that render better on mobile devices.

This means that your website has a good chance of being displayed earlier and more often in Google’s search engine results if it loads faster, looks better resolution-wise and is also easier to navigate on the user’s mobile device.

Considering the above-mentioned points, it does benefit companies to create a mobile friendly website in order to further promote their business.

Today, it is very affordable to develop a mobile-friendly website. In fact, most web designers work with a responsive site design, so that it can easily fit in with the present mobile trend.

Hence, it would be advisable for to you invest just that little extra time and money to develop a mobile website for your business.  Contact Search Control to learn about our mobile friendly website design options!

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