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Digital Marketing Tips That Will Make You Money This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and for many businesses this means it’s time to reap in the most sales during the year. The fact is that sales tend to slump after the holiday season and then pick up drastically once the holiday season starts up again. This is for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, more people are opting to purchase holiday items from online businesses rather than doing their shopping around town. Typically, online stores make sense to shoppers because they can find the best deals, conduct after-hours shopping, and they get to avoid the crowds at local department stores and malls, if they can find a place to park that is.

This brings us to the question, “How can your online business maximize sales during the holidays and not miss out on all this revenue?” To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of eight tips that will be sure to increase your bottom line this holiday season.

1. Start Now

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start implementing holiday marketing campaigns. If you decide to leave your campaign creation to the last minute, you won’t have the necessary data to make sure your implement the right campaign at its maximum potential. You need to test the waters now to see what works and what doesn’t work and still have time to make the necessary adjustments to close all those holiday sales.

2. Create a Diversified Strategy

With so much increased online traffic during the holiday season, now is the time to diversify your marketing strategies. We’ve provided a checklist below for you to consider:

The above platforms can be used to diversify your strategy. While each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, when you use all of them together, you will create a diversified strategy that really gets your product or service out there, which then directs traffic back to your online store.

3. What is Your Customer’s Journey?

How does a customer find your store? Furthermore, how many times does a user visit your store before making a purchase? Typically, multiple times.  At this point, it’s really important to start thinking like your customers. For example, would you buy from your store during the first visit or would you shop around for better prices? Maybe you need time to think about it. You may even put an item in your cart for purchase in the near future. While your answers to these questions may certainly be bias, you can get all the answers you need with Google Analytics. This will help you determine why and when your customers are leaving your site without a purchase. You can then use this information to make the customer’s journey easier, which results in more sales for you!

In fact, there are a number of steps you can take right now to help your customers complete the journey to your website by making a purchase or taking some other meaningful action, like filling out a form. Some of these tactics include:

  • Abandon cart emails
  • Free shipping
  • Promo codes and offers
  • Display remarketing

4. Create Goals and a Forecast

In order to make the most out of the holiday shopping season, you need to set some goals. For example, what do you want your sales to be by the end of the season? Take some time to really think about this and once you have the answer, it’s time to figure out how many users you need to reach your site and make a purchase to reach this goal.  For example, consider the following equation.

website traffic needed = (target revenue)/conversion rate x average value of transaction

This equation gives you a forecast of what you need to spend in marketing and advertising to get the needed traffic to your site.

5. Contact Holiday Shoppers from Last Year

One way to get more traffic to your site this holiday season is to reach out to those who purchased from you last year. Do this by sending out email campaigns and marketing through Facebook on your business page. Chances are, once they hear from you, they will remember purchasing from you last year, and take a look at what you have to offer this year. Be sure, however, to offer a deal that will peak their interest and send them directly to your site.

6. Promotions, Promotions, and More Promotions

It’s a competitive world out there. So how do you promote yourself far above the others? Typically, promotions should solve a problem the user faces. For instance, you could offer free shipping to cut the cost of buying from you. Also, you can offer promotions on a variety of items that you suggest make great gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.  Be sure to make these promotions limited on time/and or exclusive to create a sense of urgency in the user.

7. Go Social

Website traffic never magically appears, you have to work at bringing in the traffic. Put yourself out there and right in front of potential customers by going social. Paid advertising with social media is one sure way to achieve this. What makes advertising on Facebook or Instagram so appealing is that you can really target your audience. For example, you can define your audience using the following markers:

  • Parental status
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Affluence
  • Interests
  • Geography

On average, it takes up to six impressions before a user will start to recognize your brand. This means you need to get aggressive with your social media advertising if you want it to be successful.

8. Offer Gift Cards

If someone just doesn’t know what to get the babysitter or their father-in-law for the holiday gift-giving season, a gift card is a great alternative. By offering customers gift cards, you reduce the stress involved when someone is trying to shop for an individual who has it all or is just really picky.

To learn more about maximizing the holiday shopping rush, contact Search Control today. We will help you create the perfect marketing campaign to bring plenty of traffic to your website that ends up in sales. Contact us today at 480-378-0246 to get started now.

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