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Saving the Rainforest One Meter At a Time with Cuipo

Why is the rainforest important?

 “Everything in our planet is interrelated. Why do you want to have two lungs and not just part of one?  I mean the rainforests are basically the planet’s lungs. If we didn’t have the rainforest, it’d be pretty hard to breathe.” – Tom Murray, President of Cuipo.

Cuipo was created by Tom Murray, President and Gus Hurst, CEO, who were inspired to leave a positive mark on the planet by helping to save the rainforest. This inspiration struck them during a trip in Panama when they took a plane ride over the rainforest. In the middle of lush nature, they spotted something odd, manmade golf course. At that moment the reality of current day deforestation hit them; at its current rate the rainforests will disappear within our lifetime.

They are joined their mission by John Oswald, COO of Cuipo who wants his children and grandchildren to be able to have the same benefits from a lush green rainforest that we have today.

Tom, Gus, and John allow people like you and me to work with them to do our part to save the rainforest by purchasing one squared meter of the rainforest for every Cuipo item sold. “Saving the rainforest one meter at a time” is Cuipo’s slogan. Every Cuipo product sold comes with a six digit code which allows you to redeem your squared meter online and actually pinpoint the area on the map that you have just saved from deforestation.  This land is purchased from individuals who would otherwise only be able to sell the land to someone wanting to eliminate the trees and wildlife in favor of more golf courses and other developments. For the cost of Cuipo’s clothing, accessories and handmade bracelets from Project Good Hands, you can own and protect your own portion of the rainforest

Our Search Control staff members are proud to have the opportunity to now own our own little pieces of the rainforest through Cuipo.